Current restrictions due to the corona virus

Until further notice, the UEHMG can only participate to a limited extent in national or international activities. All member associations must obey the restrictions of their countries. Currently there are increased restrictions in most European countries. All dates known to us can be found in our calendar overview.

The general report 2020 in Varazdin could not take place due to the unexplained travel situation. A replacement date for 2021 is planned. As part of this, the 30th anniversary of the UEWHG will also be rescheduled.

“Hinges of peace,” they are still called, the contacts across borders. This is what the “Union of the European Historical Military Groups” wants to understand, as a hinge, synonym, term for a powerful gathering together of all historical groups, weirs and guards in an ever more forming and consolidating Europe.

A detailed explanation of what the “Union of the European Historical Military Groups” is and what it aims to achieve can be found here in the download area. Likewise, the application form for groups and individuals (sponsoring members) can be found there.