Defence policy

“UNSER HEER” is an information brochure of the Federal Ministry of Defense, which informs four times a year on topics such as security and defence policy, structure, procurements, equipment or exceptional services of the ÖBH in Austria and abroad. Only available in German.


UNSER HEER, issue 02-2022

UNSER HEER, issue 01-2022


UNSER HEER, issue 04-2021

UNSER HEER, issue 03-2021

UNSER HEER, issue 02-2021

UNSER HEER, issue 01-2021


UNSER HEER, issue 04-2020

UNSER HEER issue 03-2020

UNSER HEER issue 02-2020

UNSER HEER issue 01-2020


UNSER HEER issue 04-2019

UNSER HEER issue 03-2019

UNSER HEER issue 02-2019

UNSER HEER issue 01-2019

Further information about defence policy:

Day command on the occasion of the presentation of the report “Unser Heer 2030”