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Tradition unites Baden and Württemberg

Ehingen had never seen such a large number of soldiers in colourful jackets before, with more than 50 militia corps announcing their presence at the national meeting on 23 and 24 September 2023. Around 1500 city soldiers marched into the stadium on Saturday evening for the „Big tattoo“. It was the first joint tattoo of … Read more

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General Rapport 2023

The first comrades had already arrived in Karlovac on Thursday, 24 August to get in the mood for the days ahead at a convivial dinner. It was particularly pleasing that some accompanying persons and even children took part in this first meeting. After a visit to the Karlovac Brewery on Friday morning, the participants met … Read more

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Imperial birthdays in Laxenburg

On Sunday, 20 August 2023, the k. u. k. Dragonerregiment 2 Nikolaus Graf Pejacsevich celebrated the imperial birthdays of Emperor Karl I (136th birthday on 17 August) and Emperor Franz Josef (193rd birthday on 18 August) in Laxenburg for the first time. The 33 degrees outside temperature was more than a challenge for all present, … Read more

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Uniform and Gunsmoke 2023

According to this slogan, the traditional large-scale event called “Montur und Pulverdampf” took place in the heat of the day at the Vienna Museum of Military History (Heeresgeschichtliches Museum Wien) on 8 and 9 July. A colourful programme was offered with field camps, medieval market, show fights, handicrafts, children’s programme and performances by various groups. … Read more

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30th Marchfeld Castle Ride

The riding training cadre of the dragoon regiment no. 3 in the former imperial and royal military riding and driving training institute Schlosshof organised the Marchfeld Castle Ride again this year – already for the 30th time. This ride took place under the patronage of former Federal Minister Dr. Werner Fasslabend and under the patronage … Read more

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