Call for donation on the occasion of 25 years of Rainermusik Salzburg

To mark the 25th anniversary of Rainermusik Salzburg, an anniversary concert was organised in February 2024 together with the Tiroler Kaiserjäger, which was celebrated as a double concert in the Kongresshaus Salzburg and in Erl.
> Click here for the programme of the concert

Rainermusik was founded in 1999 by Dr. Herbert Glaser and Honorary President Dr. Manfred Holztrattner and, with the support of a sponsor, was able to organise concert tours to Hungary, Germany, Spain, Merano (Salzburg’s partner city) and, of course, Austria. Unfortunately, all funding has now been cancelled, which is why it is no longer possible to plan international concert tours.

That is why Rainermusik Salzburg is looking for donations so that such trips can take place again.

Bank details:
Rainermusik Salzburg
IBAN: AT43 3500 0000 9101 5123

Many thanks on behalf of Rainermusik Salzburg!