39th Corps Meeting

Year after year! On 13 April 2024, the 39th corps meeting of the “”Hohenzollern-Küurassiere Sigmaringen” took place in the Reiterstüble “St. Georgs Klause” in Pault (near Sigmaringen). At the beginning of the event, the cavalry captain and chairman of the corps Anton Rädle welcomed the comrades present, followed by the trumpet corps, which performed a serenade.

Traditional opening of the corps meeting by the trumpet corps

The 39th Corps Meeting was a busy one, as both the Advisory Board and the officers had to be newly elected this year. In addition to the commemoration of our comrades who had died in the previous year, the annual report, presented by Lieutenant Gregor Meichelbeck, for the year 2023 was also of great interest! The treasurer’s report and the auditors’ report not only showed the great commitment shown by the comrades, but also provided the basis for the discharge of the entire board, which the meeting gave unanimously at the suggestion of Honorary Cavalry Captain Christian Baum.

The elections also showed a clear picture and the unity of the club, so that Gregor Meichelbeck was confirmed as lieutenant and Felix Bösch was elected cornet. Johannes Herre was elected to the advisory board in his new role as secretary and Bruno Herunter as a member of the advisory board. The other previous members of the advisory board, Ruth Bösch, Uwe Gruber and Hans Stoll, were confirmed unanimously in their positions. 

In addition to the usual honours for numerous appearances, promotions were also awarded this year. Our corporals Max Bischofberger and Bruno Herunter were both promoted to the rank of constable. The formal part of the 39th Corps Assembly ended with the outlook for the coming year and the ” Kürassierlied”.

Then it was time to get to the cosy part. The comrades were offered a rich buffet of sausage salad and other dishes. The camaraderie was enjoyed in stimulating conversations until the late hours! All comrades were extremely satisfied with the successful corps meeting.

Text: Noah Bakó
Photos: Erwin Schultheiss

Promoted to sergeant: Bruno Herunter and Max Bischofberger
Cosy ending to the meeting with a buffet