11th Emperors Ball in Korneuburg

Also in this year in Korneuburg was danced under the eyes of Emperor Karl and his grandson Archduke Georg von Habsburg

The evening began in Korneuburg with a reception in the town hall where city councillor Andreas Minnich representing the mayor Christian Gepp invited the guests into the historic boardroom. With sparkling wine and some sweets discussions and contacts were made

Afterwards the ball society was led into the ballroom by MajGen iTR Michael Blaha and past the honorary guards of the two organizing regiments

At the head Archduke Georg von Habsburg with his daughter, the procurator of the Order of St. George  Baron Vinzenz Stimpfl Abele as well as in the representation of the Governor of Lower Austria Johanna Mikl Leitner the President of the government of Lower Austria Karl Wilfing.

The entrance into the festively decorated hall was followed by the speeches of MajGen iTR Michael Blaha, President Karl Wilfing and Archduke Georg von Habsburg who found very praiseworthy words for the Emperors ball and tradition and he especially noticed the bust of his grandfather Emperor Karl.

With the opening of the ball the military music of Lower Austria began to play and the couples to dance. Many traditionalists danced into the morning but also vice versa many dance enthusiasts were happy about a traditional ball with many colourful uniforms.

Of course there was a very successful singing performance with Aneta Liepina, Michael Weiland and their pianist Roberto Secilla and a raffle with 11 main prizes.

What else can you say: “It was very nice, we were very happy.”. And, of course, “Gott erhalte – Gott beschütze” was sung loudly from all mouths at midnight.