Letter of the president of the UEHMG

Dear comrades,

Due to the development of the situation regarding the spread of the coronavirus and the associated measures by the various governments in Europe, we can only recommend the following points on the part of the UEHMG for the next two months:

  • Not participating in events in other countries
  • No participation in events with international guests
  • Postponement of own events in public
  • No participation in events with more than 100 people
  • Avoid shaking hands – you can also greet them politely in other ways
  • Compliance with hygiene measures – especially in washing hands

I don’t think you need to overreact in panic, but everyone has to do his part to curb the spread of the virus and nobody wants to make the headlines because of a massive contagion at a traditional event.

In the hope that the situation will soon be eased again, I remain with kind regards,
MajorGeneral iTR Michael Blaha, MSc