The emperor´s cavalry at Schlosshof

Review of the year´s events

Due to the Corona pandemic the cavalry scene of the Dragoon Regiment No. 3 has crowded together on schedule in the quarantine-free time. But the main annual program could still be carried out.

At the end of August the annual horse festival took place in the castle Schlosshof and we were once again able to present an opening performance in front of an enthusiastic audience for the 30th time as a tradition.

On 5th and 6th September the preparation course for the 27th Marchfeld Castle Ride took place in the riding hall and in the grounds of the former riding and driving instructor institute Schlosshof. The course included, among other things, overcoming original natural obstacles, water-shy horses learned to drive through, hand horse rides, crossing a wooden bridge, saber exercises, “Kranzelstechen” and much more.

The successfully completed course of the 14 participants had a positive effect in the subsequent competition from September 17th to 20th, with 1st and 2nd place in the main competition (A).

Corona made it possible that after 26 years, due to the postponement of the 1st date, the 27th castle ride, under the honorary protection of Dr. Werner Fasslabend, could take place in autumn (September 17th to 20th). The fantastic autumn weather ensured a positive atmosphere and harmony between horse and rider among the more than 40 participants.

The opening took place in the open air in front of the Salaterena, as always with a champagne reception. In the course of this, Olt. Mag. Martin Planko was promoted to Rittmeister by the regiment commander Colonel of the cavalry Hans Günter Ebetshuberfor for special services to the Dragoon Regiment No. 3. After two successful days (competition A – approx. 80 km and competition B approx. 50 km) and mastering the various tasks, the traditional gala dinner and the award ceremony took place on Saturday in the “Restaurant zum weißen Pfau”, of course considering the corona rules.

The cavalry performance badge for orientation and trail riding as part of competition A, which is also sponsored by NOEPS, was achieved by the following participants:

  • Patf. Gabriele Pucher, DR 5, Styria
  • Drag. Gerald Steiner, DR 5, Styria
  • Patf. Alexandra Thür, DR 5, Styria
  • Dr. Gerda Göttlich, Salzburg
  • Carmen Merwald, Burgenland
  • Andrea Höld, Burgenland
  • Vanessa Mitterer, Burgenland

The trophy of honor donated by the House of Habsburg achieved for this year (military rating):

  • Olt. Dr. Ivor Schiller, DR 5

Competition A

  • 1st place: DR 5, Patf. Gabriele Pucher, Drag. Gerald Steiner, Daniela Schäfer, Otto Buchheit
  • 2nd place: Dr. Yvonne Ziegler, Carmen Merwald, Andrea Höld, Vanessa Mitterer, Dr. Gerda Göttlich, Marie Therese Tomasich
  • 3rd place: DR 5, Olt. Dr. Ivor Schiller, Patf. Silke Guss, Patf. Alexandra Thürr

Competition B

  • 1st place: Barbara Linsbichler, Julia Wöhrleitner, Michaela Pinisch, Jennifer Schirk, Vera Enk
  • 2nd place: Olt. Mag. Martin Planko, DR 3, Claudia Steiner, Viktoria Steiner
  • 3rd place: Susanne Payr, Lisa Würzl

The farewell to the horse of the commandant Hans Günter Ebetshuber after 20 years of loyalty and solidarity touched us emotionally.

*25.3.1996 – †13.10.2020
One last look back … His last horse festival
20 years at the head of the DR 3 at the opening of the horse festivals in the castle Schlosshof.
Thank you for the wonderful hours, your loyalty and camaraderie.