General Rapport 2021

From September 17 to 18, 2021 – after the event was unfortunately canceled in 2020 – the General Rapport 2021 took place in Korneuburg/Austria. President GenMjr iTR Michael Blaha, Msc, organized the program almost single-handedly due to the ongoing restrictions caused by the Corona situation and prepared the general assembly with the election of the board.

On Thursday evening an illustrious group met in the wine bar “Das Herzog Leopold” and celebrated the long-awaited reunion with one or the other fine glass of wine – after all, the last big event was the General Rapport 2019 in Sopron and for some just before the lockdown the Kaiserball 2020.

On Friday, the general assembly of the UEWHG with the reporting years 2019 and 2020 was on the agenda. The historic city hall in Korneuburg, which provided a dignified ambience, acted as the meeting place. In his activity report, the president mentioned the joint achievements of the board in the past 4 years: the own events, the numerous board meetings, the redesign of the website and the journal, the increase in members and the positive financial situation. But he also went further into the future challenges: the positioning as an umbrella organization, the topic of women in uniform, the demarcation between maintaining tradition and representation and the further increase in internal communication.

After the reports of the vice-presidents, the liaison officers and the other board members, the actions of the financial officers and the executive committee were unanimously approved – thanks and respect to all function holders for the performance of the past term of work! The opportunity was also used to express thanks to some well-deserved functionaries and to raise them to the status of honorary members – this concerns Major General iTR Peter Pritz, Colonel d. Kav. Friedrich Gappmayr, Lieutenant Colonel iTR Hans Härtl, Lieutenant Colonel d. Kav. Michael Islinger and Lieutenant Colonel iTR Uto Ziehn, who have all done an excellent job in the interests of and for the benefit of the UEHMG.

After a leisurely coffee break, the main topic was the election of the new board. President GenMjr iTR Michael Blaha, Msc, was unanimously re-elected, as was his Austrian Deputy Lieutenant Colonel iTR Michael Joannidis in the newly created position and the four Vice Presidents Colonel iTR Hans-Joachim Böhm, Colonel iTR Dipl.Ing. Stancho Djumaliev, Lieutenant Colonel iTR Pål Robin Gule and Lieutenant iTR Nataša Salihović. In the area of administration, there is a new team, some of them new but experienced in tradition, in the form of Secretary-General Colonel iTR KommRat Ernst Kugler, Administration Officer Captain iTR Franz Schlosser, Financial Officer Financial Councillor iTR Frank Kasteliz and Media Officer Cadet Sergeant iTR Andreas Tarbuk. We can welcome Major iTR Alexander Eckhardt as adjutant. All other functions of the board of auditors, the board of justice, the liaison officers and honorary members can be found here on our website under UEHMG/Executive Committee.

With an evening together with an excellent grill buffet in the “Gwölb” restaurant in Korneuburg, the amicable day ended with a friendly atmosphere – a get-together that was obviously good for everyone after the long separation.

Saturday was marked by the 30th anniversary of the UEHMG. First, however, the supporting program started – an impressive visit to the Korneuburg eagle observatory with a show of birds of prey on the one hand and traditional shooting with orderly rifles at the HSV Vienna in Stammersdorf on the other. Shortly before the ceremony, a thunderstorm swept over the region, but the sun was favorable to the uniformed men and displaced the rain clouds in time for the march-in.

Numerous guests of honor followed the invitation to the ceremony, first and foremost HIRH Camilla von Habsburg, the Lower Austrian military commander Bgdr Mag. Martin Jawurek, the mayor of Korneuburg Christian Gepp, MSc on behalf of Governor Johanna Mikl-Leitner, military dean DDr. Alexander Wessely, the procurator of the Order of St. George Baron Vinzenz von Stimpfl-Abele, retired General Karl Majcen and retired Lieutenant General Christian Segur-Cabanc to name a few. The regimental music IR42 accompanied the ceremony with suitable musical marches and was also able to be seen during the drill.

In his speech, President GenMjr iTR Michael Blaha, Msc, once again addressed the importance and sustainability of the Europe-wide umbrella organization of the UEHMG and thanked not only the representatives present for their participation, but also all previous officials over the past 30 years. In an anniversary publication, which contains many greetings from high-ranking personalities, the development of the UEHMG and its current status was presented in detail and can be read here on the website under Archive/Magazines.

The ceremony was also used for a number of awards – for example, the transfer of command and promotions to Dragoon Regiment 2, the handover of the sub auspiciis seal of the House of Habsburg to the Carinthian traditional gendarmerie and the handing over of merit to the Karlovac City Guard. After the handover of commemorative medals and banners – sponsored by the President himself – the ceremony ended with a triple cannon shot by the RAD2 and a parade of all uniformed men in front of the guests and guests of honor. All in all, a worthy and appropriate anniversary celebration that everyone will remember for a long time.

Saturday also ended with a cozy, comradely finale in the “Gwölb” restaurant, where it was noticeable that no one would like to leave and go home. In any case, we are already looking forward to the General Rapport 2022 in Schwaz in Tyrol!

> Here you can find impressions of the two days.