Spring Parade and liturgy of the Word on 1 April 2023

The Linz k. u. k. Traditional Dragoon Regiment No.7 “Herzog von Lothringen und Bar” under its commander Colonel iTR Consul Johann Marian Eckhardt von Eckenfeld held its already legendary spring parade in Linz in almost imperial weather on Saturday, 1 April 2023.

The parade marched at 2 p.m. from Martin Luther Platz along the main road, lined by a line of spectators, to the main square. Here the usual military procedure took place: announcement, national anthem/people’s anthem,  walking down the front as well as welcoming of the guests of honour and the regiments by the commander of the DR7.

In addition to the insignia troop of the HUAk Enns, 450 uniforms came from Slovenia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Germany and from almost all federal provinces of Austria. For the first time, the rifle club from the town of Stribro (Czech Republic) and the Polish Volunteer Uhlan Legion were also present at the parade. The troops were commanded by Mjr iTR Alexander Sascha Eckhardt von Eckenfeld, MBA.

Guests of honour included the Academy Commander of HUAk Enns Col. Mag. (FH) Mag. Klaus Klingenschmid, MSS, GenMjr iTR Andreas Rotter, GR Regina Traunmüller (for the Mayor of Linz), Mjr iTR Hubert Niederfriniger, Lkdt der BG, Schützen und Traditionsverbände OÖ, BO der Tiroler Kaiserjäger, Mjr iTR Romed Giner, from the UEHMG Hptm iTR Ing. Christian M. Zehetmayer were welcomed.

The regimental band of LIR2 Linz played under the direction of Kapellmeister Ing. Michael Safnauer and Musikmeister Ostv Walter Forstner. The regimental chaplain of the DR7, Mag. Samuel Josef Ebner, celebrated the liturgy of the Word, which was musically accompanied by the choir of the five Dragoons from Cerknica (Croatia). Unfortunately, the intercessions in Croatian, Slovenian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian and German could no longer be said, as it began to rain heavily and the ceremony had to be interrupted. After the truncation, we went straight to the reception at the Old City Hall.

Photos: Zgsf iTR Ing. Karlheinz Mattern, IR 59