Imperial birthdays in Laxenburg

On Sunday, 20 August 2023, the k. u. k. Dragonerregiment 2 Nikolaus Graf Pejacsevich celebrated the imperial birthdays of Emperor Karl I (136th birthday on 17 August) and Emperor Franz Josef (193rd birthday on 18 August) in Laxenburg for the first time.

The 33 degrees outside temperature was more than a challenge for all present, but with perseverance, joy, comradeship and dignity befitting the occasion, it turned out to be a successful afternoon. A traditional group consisting of the Deutschmeisterch├╝tzenkorps, the Landwehr IR2 from Linz, the riding Artilleriedivision 2, the Landwehr Ulanen 6 around the Dragonerregiment 2 held a solemn ceremony, which was under the honorary patronage of HIRH Camilla von Habsburg-Lothringen.

The report was sent to the highest-ranking military officer, Major General iTR Michael Blaha, MSc, President of the UEWHG, who also provided organisational support for the event.

Father Sebastian Hacker celebrated the field prayer at the field altar of the Landwehr IR2, which houses a relic of the blessed Emperor Karl. The subsequent triple cannon salute of the RAD 2 with a WW I gun was impressive.

At the end of the celebrations, the Military Chancellery took the opportunity to pay tribute to deserving comrades of the former Board.

Over goulash and cool drinks, many good, comradely conversations were held and it was firmly resolved that these commemorative days would also be celebrated in the future.

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Photos: Austrian Cavalry Association