Spring Parade 2019 in Linz

For the 97th time marks the anniversary of the death of the last Austrian Emperor Karl I. On this occasion, the Linzer k.u.k. Traditions-Dragonerregiment No. 7 “Herzog von Lothringen und Bar” invited on Saturday for the Spring Parade with worship on the main square. And more than 500 uniformed comrades from Austria and the crown lands followed the call. For the first time: the Hungarian Navy.

This colorful meeting with pageant on the highway (from the Martin Luther Square to the main square) was by no means a meeting of diehard, assured the keynote speakers – headed by Brigadier Nikolaus Egger, commander of the Army Officers’ Academy (HUAk) in Enns. Rather, it is a matter of military traditions, a commitment to virtues, timeless values and a contribution to a better understanding of the past. The story is a teacher, but there is a lack of students, said Egger.

Only those who knew their roots could live, he agreed with Colonel Johann M. Eckhardt von Eckenfeld (Commander of the Dragon Regiment), Member of Parliament Wolfgang Hattmansdorfer and City Councilor Doris Lang-Mayerhofer. In imperial weather, the parade of the Landwehr Infantry Regiment Linz No. 2, the Alpini (Italian mountain fighter) from Pedolo, as well as singers of the Dragoon Regiment 5 in Cernica (Slovenia) musically framed the event.

Complement: On the part of the UEHMG, President Major General iTR Michael Blaha participated in the event and was pleased to meet many well-known comrades of traditional care. Congratulations to the successful event!

(Article of the Upper Austrian News from 01.04.2019)