Imperial Festival in Baden near Vienna

In the beautiful city of Baden, the Imperial Festival took again place on the 22nd and 23rd of June 2019. The imperial city attracted many delegations of k.u.k. traditional associations for the common march through the city. The whole ceremony was musically accompanied with the sounds of the k.u.k. Wiener Regimentskapelle IR 4 Hoch- und Deutschmeister.

The President of the UEHMG Major General iTR Michael Blaha had the honor and pleasure of escorting IKKH Camilla of Habsburg, who, together with the local political representatives, cut the front and opened the Imperial Festival. Mjr iTR Christian Pock – as operator of the first-class crownland restaurant “Otto-Wagner-Sch├╝tzenhaus” himself deeply in the k.u.k. Tradition involved – was used for the first time on behalf of the General Adjutancy.

With over 30 degrees summer temperatures, a concert of the regimental chapel with a cozy glass in the park was allowed to be enjoyed after the official ceremony.

Photos: Martin Keller