Colonel Otto Dorfstätter – an obituary

On Wednesday, May 1, 2019 Colonel Otto Dorfstätter, Colonel of the Cavalry and Honorary President and longtime commander of the Dragoon Regiment No. 3, was redeemed at the age of 73 after a long and serious illness and convened to the Grand Army.

As a former regimental commandant-deputy and co-founder of the Dragoon Regiment No. 3, he took over after the unexpected death of regimental owner Herbert Fallwick, in the hardest hours of the regiment, with a handful of idealists, the fortunes of the regiment.

From February 1995 to October 2015, in his capacity as President and Commander of the DR 3, he distinguished himself above all through prudence, accuracy but also through tolerance and humanity.

Colonel Otto Dorfstätter was at this time leading member of the Presidium of the Austrian Cavalry Association and the Union of The European Historical Military Groups. His stamina and consistency may be a role model for all of us.

In order that the hours and years of his life were not lived out in vain for our common history and cavalry tradition, I, Hans Günter Ebetshuber, see it as an obligation to preserve the tradition in his spirit and to continue it. We should continue to raise awareness of the equestrian splendor of the monarchy out of the museum, and continue the living tradition and history of the ancient cavalry with pride and self-confidence.

Our sincere condolences are to his wife and son, who always stood behind him with love and understanding. We have lost a friend and comrade whose joy of living and dynamism inspired us – you will always be in our hearts and in our midst.