Comradeship evening in Villingen

On May 7, 2022, Hajo Böhm, one of the four Vice-Presidents, invited members of the UEHMG to a meeting in Villingen.

Co-organiser was Corporal Bruno Unter of the VBO Südwest. Numerous groups from southern Germany accepted the invitation. Colonel Hajo Böhm, who is also the State Commander of the Baden-Südhessen Civic Guards and Militias and Honorary Commander of the Historischen Bürgerwehr und Trachtengruppe, welcomed representatives from the following groups:

The Stadtgarde zu Pferd Stuttgart with their honorary riding master Werner Frick with wife Cathrin, the Bürgermiliz Sipplingen with the deputy state commander Adrian Staiger, the Bürgerwehr Hüfingen with their newly elected commander Herbert Vogel, the Hohenzollern-Kürassiere Sigmaringen with the Union Liaison Officer Corporal Bruno Herunter, the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee Corporal Roland Ott with his wife Uschi, the Dragoner Ostrach and the Bürgerwehr Reutlingen under Commander Armin Schlachter with his wife.

The friendly get-together started in bright sunshine with a guided tour of the town of Villingen with the leader of the Villingen traditional costume group, Ingrid Beck. Many beautiful corners of Villingen were explored with “history and stories”.

The guests were served by the Historische Bürgerwehr und Trachtengruppe Villingen in their clubhouse. Chairman Karl-Heinz Schwert and his team provided food and drink to round off the event.

In his welcoming remarks, Hajo Böhm particularly emphasised the importance of cross-border friendship between associations and people. These contacts would make it easier to overcome possible conflicts and to awaken understanding for each other.

Bruno Unter thanked all participants and helpers for organising this meeting and pointed out the importance of the UEHMG, which has 90 members from 20 nations.

Everyone parted with the wish for another social gathering soon to complement the usual formal events.

Text: Ingrid Beck, Historische Bürgerwehr und Trachtengruppe Villingen
Photos: Cathrin Frick