Swearing-in ceremony of the AAB3

On Friday, July 22, 2022, the recruits of AAB3 (Reconnaissance and Artillery Battalion 3) were sworn in in Großschweinbarth, Lower Austria. Recruits from the Reconnaissance and Artillery Battalion 4 (AAB4) were also there and were able to meet the battalion commander, Colonel Michael Vitovec.

The ceremony took place in an exceptionally beautiful setting, namely in the park of Großschweinbarth Castle, with the participation of Federal Minister Mag. Klaudia Tanner. The participants of the Riding Artillery Division No. 2, RAD2, were: Hptm iTR W. Huttarsch, Lt iTR W. Billing, StbFwk iTR Michael Klammer and Obstlt iTR Michael Joannidis.

After the recruits had sworn in and the standards had been raised, three gun salutes were fired: the first shot in honor of Saint Barbara, the second shot in honor of the recruits and the third shot in honor of the Federal Minister and the guests of honor. The RAD2’s salute was commanded by Hptm iTR Huttarsch.

The very precise and interesting process led to Federal Minister Tanner personally thanking Obstlt iTR Joannidis and his comrades after the ceremony. She also pointed out the importance of maintaining tradition and encouraged RAD2 to continue to provide this support to the Austrian Armed Forces.

The RAD2 also received great praise from Brigadier Jawurek, Military Commander of Lower Austria, Colonel Hohlweg, AAB3, and Colonel Vitovec, AAB4.