25 years Glasenapp Hussars 1762

The battle for Holtmühle Castle in Tegelen (Netherlands)

Actually, the festival of the Glasenapp Hussars was supposed to take place already in 2021, but as with so many things, the festival had to be postponed to 2022 due to Corona. Together with the German Friends of Regiment No 6, of Hardenberg Hannover, the Glasenapp Hussars 1762 organised a wonderful International Historical Meeting in Tegelen from 25 to 29 August 2022.

A historical camp with military and civilian life was shown at the Schützenverein Sankt Martinus near the castle. On Saturday and Sunday, a battle was planned near our garrison, at Holtmühe Castle.

Most of the groups arrived on Thursday. On Friday at noon there was a guided tour of the special exhibition in the Schützenmuseum at Steyl (Tegelen). In addition to an original uniform, a horse with equipment from the Glasenapp Hussars and a uniform from the Hardenberg regiment, thousands of figures from various manufacturers such as Elastolin and Heyde were on display.

On Friday evening, in the historic courtyard of Holtmühle Castle, Obrist Poeth and Baroness Daniëlle Poeth von der Heijden warmly welcomed His Excellency General Noordzij of the Guards Fusiliers of the Dutch Army, the Lord Mayor as well as the guests of honour and all regiments and participants.

In his speech, the Colonel said that 26 years ago, on 4 February 1996, he had founded the Hussar Regiment together with his son Major Rik Poeth and Major Ton Gubbels, who had unfortunately already passed away. In the years that followed, the regiment experienced wonderful things. Not only did they make very good friends, but they also experienced many honourable deeds, such as accompanying His Holiness the Pope in Mariazell (Austria) for 8 hours in the pouring rain. He also mentioned the welcome of Her Majesty Queen Beatrix in 2007, who gave the Hussar Regiment of Glasenapp, the highest honour to receive a regiment in the Netherlands and to walk through her standard.

In his speech, he pointed out that this day tries to represent a part of history in the 18th century and thus pass on this knowledge.

Because our goal is to keep the history alive. This is not to glorify war and death, on the contrary, we want to show under what hard conditions our ancestors had to live, work and fight. However, we want to remember that it was precisely at this time that people achieved feats that we still marvel at and enjoy as a matter of course today. There was not only war and poverty during this time, but also great achievements were made, e.g. in the fields of architecture, music, painting, theatre, medicine, philosophy, religion. It was also the time of colourful clothes and uniforms and this sight should be marvelled at and enjoyed. In this spirit, all guests and friends were wished a very pleasant time in Tegelen.

His Excellency General Noordzij of the Guard then inspected and welcomed the fusiliers, the flags and the regiments.

Sandwiches and drinks were served every morning.

On Saturday and Sunday, “the battle for Holtmühle Castle” took place at 2 pm. And although there was never a battle for the castle, Matthias Mechella explained to the visitors how such a battle went on in 1762.

After the battle, many things were explained in the camp for the visitors. In the evening, all the tables were put together and General Noordzij donated a large meal and the colonel two barrels of beer. At 10 pm, an atmospheric torchlight parade was held, during which the deceased friends were honoured with music and singing.

On Sunday morning, the auxiliary bishop, field preacher Major Dautzenberg from Maastricht conducted a field mass. At noon, the second battle took place. At the end, all participants received a certificate and a special commemorative coin. For many it was a very touching farewell. They promised to meet again soon.

This time everything went like clockwork for the Hussars von Glasenapp. The weather, the programme, the friendship, everything was perfect. It was a meeting with their German friends in Tegelen that will not soon be forgotten.

Author: Colonel Frank Poeth, Frei-Husaren von Glasenapp 1762
Photos: Court painter Ari Verbruggen