Military-historical presentation in Lower Austria

In the course of the Lower Austrian State Exhibition – this year in the beautiful ambience of Marchegg Castle – the UEHMG was invited by the organiser to a military-historical presentation of the old Austrian Imperial and Royal Army on May 22, 2022.

Former Federal Minister Dr. Werner Fasslabend, together with President Major General iTR Michael Blaha, MSc, organised the details of this presentation as part of the Festival of the Regions. To the great delight of all participants and the spectators, HIRH Karl von Habsburg could be won as guest of honour and ceremonial speaker.

In his speech, Archduke Karl pointed out that in the Imperial and Royal army it was possible to bring together groups with various mother tongues, divergent mentalities and different types of weapons. He went on to draw the conclusion that it is precisely this cooperation that is needed again in a threatened Europe.

In the course of the event, President Major General Michael Blaha, MSc, gave an entertaining presentation of all the participating detachments, starting with the infantry, continuing with the artillery and ending with the cavalry. The presentation was supported by the Deutschmeisterkapelle Ravelsbach.

The successful performanceAus of the UEWHG ended with a large defilee and Erin with goulash and beer. As a memento, each participant was presented with a certificate of thanks and the 30-year commemorative medal.