Imperial Parade 2021

An imperial parade for the 60th birthday of HIRH Karl von Habsburg

His birthday was on January 11, 2021, but HIRH Karl von Habsburg was unable to celebrate in the lockdown. The grandson of the last emperor made up for it in Korneuburg. For this purpose, the organiser, Major General iTR Michael Blaha, converted the annual Imperial Ball into an Imperial Parade.

On June 26, 2021, the Imperial Parade in honour of the 60th birthday of HIRH Karl von Habsburg finally could take place with almost 200 participants.

The jubilarian was particularly pleased about the large number of participating traditional delegations as well as the many onlookers. “The weather is fantastic, the surroundings are great and so is the occasion,” Habsburg said. “There is a respect and an interest in our own history that exists here.”

Following the parade, Korneuburg Town Hall was included in the Via Habsburg, a cultural route of the Council of Europe. Finally, the crowning finale was the champagne reception hosted by PR professional Vinzenz Stimpfl-Abele at the Herzog Leopold, the wine bar in the Kaiserhaus on the main square of Korneuburg.

By the way: after the Imperial Parade is before the Imperial Ball – save the date for the 13th Imperial Ball in Korneuburg’s historic city hall: February 19, 2022.

Videolink – provided by the Austrian Cavalry Association

Expression about condolences about cavalry captain Ing. Walter H. Maier

With great dismay and sadness we have the duty to announce that our comrade cavalry captain Ing. Walter H. Maier from the Reitercorps Ravensburg 1995 e.V. fell asleep surprisingly and peacefully within his family on June 6th, 2021 and passed away.

The President of the Union of European Historical Military Groups, Major General iTR Michael Blaha, the Board, the Presidium and all comrades of the UEHMG express their deep sympathy to the bereaved for this heavy loss.

The UEHMG will keep an honorable memory of its well-deserved comrade.

28th Marchfeld castle ride

Under the seal of “Sub Auspiciis” Karl von Habsburg

The riding training squadron of Dragoon Regiment No. 3 in the former k.u.k. Military riding and driving training institute Schlosshof organized the 28th Marchfeld castle ride from June 3 to 6, 2021 in compliance with all corona requirements.

This ride took place under the motto “30 Years of Dragoon Regiment No. 3” under the honorary protection of former Federal Minister for State Defense Werner Fasslabend and under the patronage of Hungary’s special ambassador Archduke Georg Habsburg and with the support of Mag. Klaus Panholzer, Managing Director of Schloss Schönbrunn Betriebs- und Kulturges.m.b.H., the divisional managers of the events department Mag. FH Mario Feigl and the animal area of Schloss Hof, the Municipalities, federal forests and regional hunters.

In order to ensure that tests could still be carried out for the award ceremony during the attendance of the participants on the 4 days, the doctor taking part in the competition, Dr. Yvonne Ziegler, carried out the check and the necessary missing corona tests.

Due to the Covid 19 measures, the opening took place again on Thursday in the arcade courtyard of Schlosshof. Numerous participants and helpers were welcomed by the organizer, Hans Günter Ebetshuber. In recognition of his services to the regiment, Wtm Walter Bründl Pohl was awarded the Order of Saint George 1st Class in Gold with Imperial Crown of the Austrian Cavalry Association. Afterwards, there was the opportunity to visit the exhibition in the castle or the various obstacles on the site, such as individual jumping, group jumping, etc.

The competitions were held in two categories again this year. The competition A (total distance for both days approx. 80 km, with special stages en route) directly in the castle courtyard or during the lunch break in Eckartsau Castle. During the lunch break in Marchegg Castle, during the archery and horseshoe throwing competitions, our Colonel of Honor of Dragoon Regiment No. 3, Dr. Werner Fasslabend, convinced of the dedication and enthusiasm of the participants in the company of organizer Hans Günter Ebetshuber.


Among other things, the Haringsee shooting range was ridden, where the shooting competition with the k.u.k. Officer’s pistol Rast and Gasser was carried out. Driving through, hand horse riding, overcoming natural obstacles in a group, individual jumping over natural obstacles the next day, estimating distances, reading a plan, etc. were among the special tasks where you could collect points.

16 participants (competition A) performed positively in the special tests and completed the total distance of approx. 80 km without any mistakes. Of these, 3 participants were proud to receive the bronze cavalry badge for orientation and trail riding.

For the first time, after three placements, two participants achieved the cavalry performance badge for orientation and trail riding in silver.

The competition B with a total of approx. 50 km on both days was well received by the 30 participants and was rated extra. During the individual jumping of the natural obstacles, “Kranzelstechen” and rushing through with the hand horse, the organizer and the participants were able to warmly welcome once more the President of the Lower Austrian Equestrian Association KR Ing. Gerold Dautzenberg. Ing. Dautzenberg noticed the harmony and the familial charisma that emanated from the participants and the organization team.

In the cozy garden of the castle restaurant, people talked shop afterwards, among other things, about the possibilities of supporting and promoting popular equestrian sport.

After the gala dinner in the restaurant “Zum Weissen Pfau” – in compliance with the Corona rules – stable plank chains, stitches, certificates and placement prices were handed over by the organizer.

In recognition of his services to the traditional Dragoon Regiment No. 3, Rittmeister Mag. Martin Planko and platoon leader Günter Ringhofer were awarded the Order of Saint George 1st Class in Gold with Imperial Crown from the Austrian Cavalry Association. The gold medal with a green laurel wreath was presented to Caroline Geiger for the first time for special commitment and support around the castle ride. Due to their riding ability – also in the past – the group was able to take over the previous challenge cup permanently in 2012 with three victories.

At the end of the award ceremony, the organizer Colonel of Cavalry, Hans Günter Ebetshuber, presented a work of art made of stone pine from the participants Danny Schäfer and Otto Buchheit. In hours of loving work, Danny created and worked on his portrait and that of his horse of life AKORD, which had to be put to sleep on October 13th after a severe colic in the University of Veterinary Medicine. With a personal dedication and on the occasion of 30 years of Dragoon Regiment No. 3, which was generally approved by applause and touched emotionally.

Competition A

  • 1st place: Carla Hartberger, Finian Geiger, Sophie Mikula, Felicitas Geiger
  • 2nd place: Dr. Yvonne Stark-Ziegler, Marlene Tucek, Carmen Merwald, Eva Müller
  • 3rd place: Vanessa Mitterer, Marie Theres Tomasich, Andrea Höld, Danny Schäfer, Otto Buchheit

Competition B

  • 1st place: Michaela Pinisch, Julia Wöhrleitner, Jennifer Schirk, Julia Kistner
  • 2nd place: Rttm Mag. Martin Planko DR 3, Fhr. Erich Mugli DR 3, Fhr. Gerhard Kubu DR 3, Michael Zobel
  • 3rd place: Caroline Geiger, Finian Geiger, Barbara Linsbichler

For the first time, after three placements, two participants achieved the cavalry performance badge for orientation and trail riding in silver: Finian Geiger and Sophie Mikula.

Expression about condolences about Vzlt i.R. Peter Bärnthaler

Peter Bärnthaler

With great dismay and sadness we have the duty to announce that our comrade Vzlt i.R. Peter Bärnthaler, commander of Traditionsverbandes k.u.k. Feldjägerbataillon Nr. 9 fell asleep peacefully on May 15, 2021 in Wagna near Leibnitz and passed away.

The President of the Union of European Historical Military Groups, Major General iTR Michael Blaha, the Board, the Presidium and all comrades of the UEHMG express their deep sympathy to the bereaved for this heavy loss.

The UEHMG will keep an honorable memory of its well-deserved comrade.

Award for Walter Pitlik

Captain iTR and master tailor Walter Pitlik was honored by HIRH Karl von Habsburg for his many years of activity in the creation and preservation of historical uniforms. The President of the UEHMG Major General iTR Michael Blaha and Adjutant General Peter Pritz insisted on handing over the certificate personally and expressed thanks and appreciation to Walter Pitlik.

The emperor´s cavalry at Schlosshof

Review of the year´s events

Due to the Corona pandemic the cavalry scene of the Dragoon Regiment No. 3 has crowded together on schedule in the quarantine-free time. But the main annual program could still be carried out.

At the end of August the annual horse festival took place in the castle Schlosshof and we were once again able to present an opening performance in front of an enthusiastic audience for the 30th time as a tradition.

On 5th and 6th September the preparation course for the 27th Marchfeld Castle Ride took place in the riding hall and in the grounds of the former riding and driving instructor institute Schlosshof. The course included, among other things, overcoming original natural obstacles, water-shy horses learned to drive through, hand horse rides, crossing a wooden bridge, saber exercises, “Kranzelstechen” and much more.

The successfully completed course of the 14 participants had a positive effect in the subsequent competition from September 17th to 20th, with 1st and 2nd place in the main competition (A).

Corona made it possible that after 26 years, due to the postponement of the 1st date, the 27th castle ride, under the honorary protection of Dr. Werner Fasslabend, could take place in autumn (September 17th to 20th). The fantastic autumn weather ensured a positive atmosphere and harmony between horse and rider among the more than 40 participants.

The opening took place in the open air in front of the Salaterena, as always with a champagne reception. In the course of this, Olt. Mag. Martin Planko was promoted to Rittmeister by the regiment commander Colonel of the cavalry Hans Günter Ebetshuberfor for special services to the Dragoon Regiment No. 3. After two successful days (competition A – approx. 80 km and competition B approx. 50 km) and mastering the various tasks, the traditional gala dinner and the award ceremony took place on Saturday in the “Restaurant zum weißen Pfau”, of course considering the corona rules.

The cavalry performance badge for orientation and trail riding as part of competition A, which is also sponsored by NOEPS, was achieved by the following participants:

  • Patf. Gabriele Pucher, DR 5, Styria
  • Drag. Gerald Steiner, DR 5, Styria
  • Patf. Alexandra Thür, DR 5, Styria
  • Dr. Gerda Göttlich, Salzburg
  • Carmen Merwald, Burgenland
  • Andrea Höld, Burgenland
  • Vanessa Mitterer, Burgenland

The trophy of honor donated by the House of Habsburg achieved for this year (military rating):

  • Olt. Dr. Ivor Schiller, DR 5

Competition A

  • 1st place: DR 5, Patf. Gabriele Pucher, Drag. Gerald Steiner, Daniela Schäfer, Otto Buchheit
  • 2nd place: Dr. Yvonne Ziegler, Carmen Merwald, Andrea Höld, Vanessa Mitterer, Dr. Gerda Göttlich, Marie Therese Tomasich
  • 3rd place: DR 5, Olt. Dr. Ivor Schiller, Patf. Silke Guss, Patf. Alexandra Thürr

Competition B

  • 1st place: Barbara Linsbichler, Julia Wöhrleitner, Michaela Pinisch, Jennifer Schirk, Vera Enk
  • 2nd place: Olt. Mag. Martin Planko, DR 3, Claudia Steiner, Viktoria Steiner
  • 3rd place: Susanne Payr, Lisa Würzl

The farewell to the horse of the commandant Hans Günter Ebetshuber after 20 years of loyalty and solidarity touched us emotionally.

*25.3.1996 – †13.10.2020
One last look back … His last horse festival
20 years at the head of the DR 3 at the opening of the horse festivals in the castle Schlosshof.
Thank you for the wonderful hours, your loyalty and camaraderie.

Expression about condolences about Alt Major Ton Gubbles

With great dismay and sadness we have the duty to announce that our long-time comrade Alt Major Ton Gubbels from the Frei-Hussars von Glasenapp fell asleep surprisingly and peacefully with his family on December 9th, 2020 and passed away.

The President of the Union of European Historical Military Groups, Major General iTR Michael Blaha, the Board, the Presidium and all comrades of the UEHMG express their deep sympathy to the bereaved for this heavy loss.

The UEHMG will keep an honorable memory of its well-deserved functionary.

Marches to the Hero´s Cross 2020

The Association “Traditia Militara” (ATM) from Romania has climbed the Carpathian mountains twice this year, in order to reach the Hero’s Cross. This monument, nominated in the Guinness Book of Records for being the highest metal monument at the highest altitude, was raised with huge efforts in 1928, to honor all those who sacrificed their lives in World War I.

The inauguration day was chosen on the Christian celebration of the Elevation of the Holy Cross: September 14. This is why the first expedition this year was on September 14, 2020 – the path led by the Carpathian Sphynx.

The second march was made on November 30, 2020, on St.Andrew’s day, for the re-consecration of the Hero’s Cross, after its restoration. The winter march, in full campaign gear of the Romanian Army of World War I was very evocative for those who more than a hundred years before had participated in the Great War. Temperatures were below – 15°C. Mountain troops from all over Romania represented their units at the military and religious ceremony, attended by the Minister for Defense, the Secretary General of the General Staff of the Romanian Army and the Metropolitan Archbishop delegated by the Patriarch. The members of Traditia Militara, as they do every year after the official ceremony, have commemorated also their fallen former enemies, by singing “Der Gute Kamerad” and saying a prayer in Hungarian. The highest authorities present commended the reenactors for their very good performance.

Expression of condolences about S.E. Max Turnauer

With great sadness we received the news of the passing of our esteemed patron S.E. Max Turnauer. On November 7th, 2020, at the age of 90, a person who shaped beyond the borders of Austria was called home to eternity with the consolations of the Holy Church.

We lose in S.E. Max Turnauer a person who has been committed to Christian values ​​and a pro-European attitude throughout his life. Right up until the end he was interested in the economic development of his company, family, friends and politics. S.E. Max Turnauer was also the ambassador of the Sovereign Knight of Malta in the Principality of Liechtenstein and its permanent observer at UNIDO, Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece, Knight of Honor of the Order of St. George, Honorary Senator of IMATEC University, Honorary Citizen of the Heldenberg community and bearer of numerous domestic and international foreign decorations.

S.E. Max Turnauer, born on February 17, 1931, came from a Prague industrial family who, after being expelled and expropriated after World War II, were able to build one of the most important Austrian industrial enterprises. The industrial empire comprised around 40 plants at home and abroad, whose successor companies still occupy an important position in the Austrian industrial landscape. Until recently he was also Honorary President of Constantia Industries AG, which is owned by his son Stanislaus.

As a patron of the UEHMG, S.E. Max Turnauer made his Wetzdorf Castle available to the UEHMG for many years as the seat of the association – we look back with great gratitude on this opportunity of pride.

The UEHMG will keep an honorable memory of its deceased patron in gratitude and memory.